Nationwide, investments in science and technology drive economic recovery

The 2012 State Technology and Science Index from the Milken Institute provides a state-by-state breakdown of technology and science capabilities and how well states have converted those assets into companies and high-paying jobs. Where does your state rank? Massachusetts ranked number one for the past 5 indices—released every two years—topped by an all-time high score in 2012. Analysts point to a large number of top-tier universities with research programs and cutting-edge science and tech firms as major contributors in Massachusetts.

Analysis of this year’s report shows that technology and science industries can lead the way in economic recovery. Average scores were higher in the 2012 versus 2010 reports in all categories, largely due to an increase in this activity following the recent economic downturn. Some of the highest scoring regions of the country are reportedly emerging from the recession stronger and more quickly than areas with low science activity.

This report underscores the need for a robust investment in science and technology to boost the national economy and improve the health and well being of Americans. Unfortunately, sequestration—ten years of across-the-board spending cuts—will slow medical progress and the development of lifesaving medical treatments and devices driven by private sector innovation.

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