Neglected Tropical Disease Research in Louisiana: Saving Lives and Creating Jobs

On May 15, Research!America and our partners hosted “Neglected Tropical Disease Research in Louisiana: Saving Lives and Creating Jobs,” at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans. (Read a recap of the event here.)

Research!America produced two short videos in conjunction with the event. The first video is a broad discussion on NTDs and their effect on the Southern U.S. Chagas alone affects 300,000 Americans and has an economic impact of $1 billion, between health care costs and lost productivity.

To demonstrate what it’s like to live with Chagas, the second video is the personal story of Maira Gutierrez. She was originally diagnosed with Chagas while giving blood, but her primary care doctor was unaware how to treat it. Gutierrez believes more research and more awareness is needed to combat Chagas and other neglected tropical diseases.

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  1. […] This event also featured a screening of Research!America’s video on the impact of NTDs in the U.S. To watch this video and more, please visit […]

  2. […] as Chagas and other diseases are increasingly found here at home. (To learn more, please watch Research!America’s video about Chagas and NTDs in the U.S.) He also spoke about research funding in the current economic […]

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