Guest Post: Spotlight on The Association for Women in Science

by Erin L. Cadwalader, PhD; Phoebe S. Leboy Public Policy Fellow Association for Women in Science

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is the only multidisciplinary association representing women across all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines and employment sectors.  AWIS reaches more than 15,000 professionals in STEM with members and chapters nationwide.

Women are earning more degrees than men in biomedical sciences at every level of education, and this has been the case for some time.  However, a variety of factors contribute to the failure of academia and industry to retain them.  AWIS works to identify obstacles that hinder the advancement of women and cause them to leave the STEM pipeline.  To address these issues and implement solutions, we engage with many different stakeholders representing a variety of interests from the very broad to the highly specialized.

Research!America is a strong, focused advocate for the value of biomedical research.  With more than half our members coming from a biomedical background or currently doing work in those respective fields, our alliance is a natural fit to stimulate growth in research and development by creating a diverse and inclusive workforce to help advance our national need for a competitive and innovative research enterprise.

Both of our organizations work to communicate the value of basic, translational, and applied research to members of Congress, the scientific community, and to the public. It is important for AWIS to be a member of Research!America because we believe in partnering with organizations that advocate in a thoughtful, data-driven fashion to address the issues that threaten our capacity as a nation to be intellectual leaders in the global community.  No group achieves their goals in isolation and the more voices that are raised articulating a unified message, the louder they are heard.   We are proud to be partners with Research!America to help ensure that we are tapping into the full intellectual potential of the available and impending workforce in this country.

Connect with Research!America member AWIS on Twitter @AWISnational, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also check out their blog.

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