UK plans to use presidency of the G8 to develop international agenda to address dementia

The United Kingdom recently announced a plan that will capitalize on its role as President of the G8 to promote an international cooperation to stop dementia.

This announcement sparks the beginning of increased international collaboration among world governments, industry and non-governmental organizations. Representatives of these diverse entities will gather at an upcoming dementia summit in London, scheduled for September. The global impact of dementia and Alzheimer’s is undeniable—over 35.6 million people worldwide battle with dementia. With the aging global population, this figure is predicted to exceed 110 million people by 2050.

George Vradenburg, chairman of USAgainstAlzheimer’s, expressed his support for this announcement in a release. Vradenburg lauded “Prime Minister David Cameron’s bold decision to use the G8 to build international consensus around advancing medical research and innovation,” while urging “President Obama to use the upcoming G8 dementia summit as an opportunity to turn the United States’ goal to stop Alzheimer’s by 2025 into a global commitment.”

This international collaboration is in addition to the on-going shared efforts of both the U.K. and U.S. to improve research into the condition, according to The Guardian. The emphasis on dementia research is just one aspect of the G8’s agenda in 2013, yet it reflects the importance of biomedical and health research to the international community.

The G8—short for group of eight—is a forum of the eight wealthiest countries across the globe.

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