Join us for a 4th of July Congressional Recess Social Media Engagement Week, July 1-5

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol

As July 4th approaches, we have another opportunity to contact elected officials via social media during the Congressional recess (July 1 – 5) to drive home the message that medical innovation should be protected from further cuts.

Each day we will highlight a specific theme that can be customized with your statistics and patient/researcher stories. For example, on Wednesday we’ll focus on the drug discovery pipeline because basic research fuels private sector innovation which translates into new diagnostics, devices and products to improve the health of all Americans.

Follow us on Twitter @ResearchAmerica and use the hashtag #curesnotcuts to join in the national conversation. We will also be posting updates on our Facebook page and we encourage you to engage your representatives on Facebook and Twitter as well. Please take time out of your holiday weekend to help make medical and health research a higher national priority.


Monday: We want to hear from patients. What are your fears with sequestration and the prospect of more funding cuts?

Tuesday: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality. How research conducted by AHRQ improves health of Americans.

Wednesday: How sequestration impacts the drug discovery pipeline.

Thursday: It’s 4th of July! What better day to talk about public health and public safety. How does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protect health of Americans?

Friday:  The ASK day.  We’ll ask our representatives to protect medical innovation from further cuts.


Contact your congressional representatives, here.
Reps info (email, phone number, address), here.
Fact sheet on the return on investment from NIH research, here.
Research!America Sequestration News and Resources, here.
Research Funding by State, here.
Economic Impact by State, here.

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