The 4th Annual Unsung Heroes of Public Health Awards


The nominations for the CPH Foundation Fourth Annual Unsung Heroes of Public Health Awards are now open. These awards highlight the return on investment of the nation’s behind-the-scenes disease control and prevention efforts, applaud the staff who run them, and educate policy makers and others about how public health works to save lives, prevent injuries, limit disease outbreaks – and so much more. The awards ceremony will take place December 4, 2013.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the following awards:

  • The Rock in the Pond Award recognizes an individual for outstanding work on a community-based or state-wide public health effort that produced significant positive health outcomes. Past winners of this award include Wade Norwood (2012), Dr. Luis Garcia (2011) and Janet Zola (2010).
  • The Wavemaker Award recognizes a visionary whose work on a large-scale multi-state, regional, national or international public health program has successfully impacted a major public health challenge. Past winners of this award include Matt McDaniel (2012), Dr. Lynn Silver-Chalfin (2011) and Dr. Cecilia Rosales (201).
  • The Excellence in Media Award recognizes an individual who produced a widely-viewed media story focused on disease control and prevention. The awardees’ work should cover significant public health topics and convey the issue to a broad audience in an easily understood manner. Eligible types of media include, but are not limited to: newspaper stories, television news reports, radio reports, widely followed blog postings, and documentaries. Past winners of this award include Anna Gorman, health reporter,  LA Times (2012) and Liz Szabo, health reporter, USA Today (2011).

Do you have someone in mind? Nominations should be sent by e-mail on or before Friday, November 1, 2013 to You can find the nomination form for the Rock in the Pond Award and the Wavemaker Award here, and the form for the Excellence in Media Award here.

You can visit the CPH Foundation website to see more photos and videos from last year’s awards ceremony.


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