Member Spotlight: Harris Search Associates

By Jeffrey Harris, founder and Managing Partner of Harris Search Associates, an IIC members Partners firm where he leads the firm’s Higher Education, Academic Medicine and General Management practices.

JHarrisWith our practice focused on identifying and attracting leaders to support the growth of clients in the areas of research, science, engineering, academic medicine and commercial enterprises, active involvement in Research!America allows us to remain current with landscape of change taking place in international research.  We value our membership in Research!America because its focus helps create a critical mass advocacy that alone we could never have.

Much of our work is centered on the active recruitment of researchers and research administration from around the world that shapes the advancement of academic medicine and medical research.  We view health and medical research as the leading agent for discoveries, inventions and innovations that transform lives and communities.

We are in the talent business.  We assist universities, medical centers and other research organizations attract the very best minds to administer and undertake research that accelerate discoveries, new inventions, and create the innovations that advance the health and well-being of billions of people.

In recent years, we have helped recruit vice chancellors and vice presidents of research for major universities, endowed professorships in diabetes research and medical imaging, administrators to ensure the protection of human subjects of research and chief information officers who provide critical IT infrastructure and support.  And, we are reassured by the availability of outstanding individuals from America and elsewhere in the world with the intellect, experience, and skills required for contemporary research.

There are many challenges facing our nation’s research enterprise and they are no longer ones that can be ignored.   Research activity is burgeoning globally and many nations are placing a greater level of importance and investing resources more aggressively than what is currently taking place in the United States.

Many of the recent discoveries seek to attack illness in proactive, personalized fashion, diagnosing and treating health problems before they become more acute.  These discoveries will save countless lives, begin to eliminate age-old diseases, reduce rising costs, and change the paradigm of treatment for future generations.

This activity requires continued strategic investment to fulfill its potential.

And yet, we fear that investments in research now are being discounted when much of the new knowledge will change the dynamic of treatment of illness.  In addition, we worry that cutbacks in support for health and medical research may also serve to deter bright minds, both here and abroad, from pursuing careers in research or else make America a much less attractive place to which researchers in other countries will choose to immigrate.

We applaud the efforts of Research!America and look forward continuing our active participation as members.

For further information, our website and Twitter account @HarrisSearch are an interactive platform to communicate the mission of our firm as well as our clients.

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