Join us (again!) for a Social Media Engagement Campaign for August Congressional Recess

The August congressional recess is here! Members of Congress are back home for the month long break. Now’s the time to speak up and urge policy makers to make research for health a higher national priority before they return to Capitol Hill and make decisions that will affect the health and prosperity of our nation. Join Research!America’s social media congressional recess campaign, Medical Research is at Risk. We Need Cures, Not Cuts! Customize your messages with statistics, patient/researcher stories, examples of innovative research, and descriptions of the impact of sequestration to help make research part of the national conversation on social media and beyond.

Follow us on Twitter @ResearchAmerica and use the hashtag #curesnotcuts. We will also be posting updates on our Facebook page and we encourage you to engage your representatives on social media channels as well.

Sample Twitter messages:

  • .@RepJohnDoe, sequestration=fewer doses of vaccines for the flu, measles, whooping cough & hepatitis. We need #curesnotcuts!
  • If we don’t act soon, #sequestration & additional cuts will endanger private sector innovation. #curesnotcuts
  • .@AHRQNews is the lead agency funding research that has reduced deadly hospital infections, which kill 100,000 each year. #curesnotcuts
  • Impact of #sequestration & other budget changes to @CDCgov = $40 million reduction in HIV prevention. #curesnotcuts
  • If user fees paid by industry are subject to sequestration, @US_FDA’s budget will lose $85M, slowing access to breakthroughs. #curesnotcuts
  • Thanks to @NIH research, a person born in the U.S. today can expect to live nearly 30 years longer than someone born in 1900. #curesnotcuts
  • .@NSF promotes the progress of science, advances national health & welfare and secures the national defense. #curesnotcuts

Sample Facebook messages:

  • #Sequestration’s worst-case scenario could mean the elimination of research that would bring us closer to cures for Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and other deadly and costly health threats. We need #curesnotcuts!
  • The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry builds on federally funded research to develop the next generation of drugs, devices and diagnostics to treat, cure and prevent disease: #curesnotcuts
  • Research funded by the #NIH at universities, academic medical centers, independent research institutions and small businesses across the country lays the foundation for private sector innovation. #curesnotcuts

The fiscal year is coming to a close; we need to do what we can to protect medical and health research funding in FY14!

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