Now Is the Best Time to Take Care of the Hearts That Matter Most to You

Excerpt of an op-ed by American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown published in the Huffington Post.

Nancy-Brown1Every day, all across the country, the work continues in the fight against heart disease, in ways big and small.

The medical community is on the front lines, of course, treating sick patients, helping others recover and — equally importantly — educating and encouraging others how to avoid the dangerous tentacles of the No. 1 killer of Americans.

Researchers are hard at work seeking answers. They are conceiving and refining tests that can help with diagnosis, and the medicines and equipment that can help with treatment and prevention.

Americans from other fields contribute, too, sometimes in the literal sense. Donations help fund research, and volunteers give their time to help with awareness and education campaigns.

There’s still one more big piece of this puzzle. Our nation’s lawmakers.

From city councils to statehouses, Congress to the Oval Office, our elected leaders set and maintain public health policies that govern the way we live. Their efforts in beating heart disease are evidenced in the strides made fighting tobacco use the last 50 years.

This month, the federally-designated American Heart Month, their support has been quite evident again.

Read the full op-ed here.

One response

  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the rest of the original article, but this was a well-selected excerpt about American Heart Month. Each February, I catch myself thinking that more people should be talking about this awareness event, especially given the rampant prevalence of heart disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension in the country. That being said, I did think that there was a significant improvement in the number of people I have seen writing about heart health and I hope that it continues!

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