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FDA Proposes Limit on Arsenic in Apple Juice

logo1The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it is proposing to establish a maximum level of arsenic acceptable in apple juice. The threshold, 10 parts per billion, is the same as the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirement for drinking water.

The agency will accept public comments on the proposed action for 60 days.

Nearly two years ago, reports from the TV show of Mehmet Oz, MD, and later Consumer Reports, raised alarms about the amount of arsenic appearing in apple juice. The FDA’s own subsequent investigation found that overall arsenic levels were generally below the 10 ppb threshold. Of those that were higher, the levels of inorganic arsenic — identified as a known carcinogen — were all below 10 ppb.

Organic arsenic, which is normally found in the earth’s crust, is essentially harmless, according to the agency. Continue reading →