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Sequestration’s effect on biomedical research highlighted on Marketplace

With so much national attention focused on the impact of sequestration on air travel, one might think there was no other area of the federal budget feeling the pain of these across the board cuts. Today, National Public Radio’s Marketplace shed more light on the less obvious but devastating cuts that are affecting biomedical and health research and the careers of scientists. You can listen to the segment, featuring Research!America’s President and CEO, Mary Woolley, and R!A communications intern Megan Kane, who recently received her PhD in human genetics but has difficulty finding a post-doc position in a lab due to the funding cuts.

Do you have something to contribute to the national conversation about sequestration and biomedical research? There are many ways you can get involved today! Using our online tools, you can contact your representatives and urge them to support more funding for the National Institutes of Health, a major funding agency for biomedical research. Research!America also has resources to help you write a letter to the editor for your local paper to show how important research is to your community.