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Washington Post Responds to Latest West Nile Reports

For the second week in a row, an article on the West Nile outbreak has made The Washington Post’s top stories. On September 12, the Post responded to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports indicating that 2012 may be the deadliest year yet for West Nile in the United States. The article suggests that each year may only get worse as human travel increasingly brings us into contact with infected animals, and the viruses continue to evolve. There is currently no vaccine and no effective drugs to treat West Nile. With this growing threat, federal support for neglected tropical disease research has never been more urgent. This research is necessary in order to protect the health and future of Americans and people worldwide. See the article below for a discussion of the current West Nile outbreak as well as the future threat of viral epidemics in the United States.

Does the West Nile outbreak signal an epidemic of viral epidemics? Yes and no.